ABA Treatment for Young Children with Autism

Scientific research shows that Applied Behaviour Analysis–ABA–is the most effective form of treatment for children with autism. Blackbird Special Education’s individualized ABA Treatment programs are designed to induce significant changes in children’s overall functioning, learning, and developmental trajectory.

Our programs are comprehensive–they address all important areas of learning and development–and intensive–children receive a minimum of 20 hours of Treatment per week.

Years of scientific evidence show that this 20-hour per week ‘dosage’ is a critical ingredient of effective autism treatment; in fact, you should check out the BACB’s autism Guidelines for more information on this.

Blackbird’s service begins by developing an Individualized Treatment Plan for your child. This Plan describes WHAT the child’s ABA Treatment will address – i.e., the child’s unique learning goals/curriculum – and HOW that learning will be put in practice – i.e., the specific behaviour-change tactics that will be used, the needed weekly intervention schedule, and the people who will develop, supervise, and implement the plan, etc.

Blackbird’s Treatment program are tailored to the child’s specific learning needs and challenges. Children only acquire the skills that they need and we follow the Verbal Behaviour Milestones and Program Placement guide (VB-MAPP) to identify developmentally appropriate learning goals. We use time-honoured motivation and reinforcement procedures to ensure children have fun and experience high levels of success in everything they do.  Many children receive some of their weekly Treatment hours in one of our centers, located in downtown Vancouver and Nanaimo, B.C., in part so that social goals involving other children may be addressed. 

A few images from our primary Center, located in downtown Vancouver, B.C.

A few images from our primary Center, located in downtown Vancouver, B.C.

Our Partnership with Families: Blackbird is responsible for the ongoing development and evaluation of your child’s Treatment program. We continually refine your child’s  Plan (based on the changes in her learning and development) and provide ongoing training for the Behavioural Interventionists who implement that Plan. Our Interventions include specific steps to promote generalization of your child’s learning to extra-Treatment settings (e.g., school, other children, etc.); these steps include parent training to enable you to maintain and extend your child’s learning even further.

Please contact us for more information about Blackbird Special Education's ABA Treatment services.