Toilet Training Treatment

Have you struggled to toilet train your child?

Not sure where to start in toilet training your child with special needs?

Do you feel ‘typical’ approaches to toilet training just won’t work with your child?

We can help!

Katie Rinald, BCBA, is an experienced toilet training researcher and practitioner.  With clients, Katie implements versions of Rapid Toilet Training, a behaviour analytic toilet training method that has proven successful time and time again with individuals with a wide range of special needs as well as typically-developing children.  Katie’s research on supporting parents to implement toilet training interventions was published in the academic journal Research in Developmental Disabilities in 2012.  Currently, Katie is completing a doctoral degree with her dissertation focused on treatment of bedwetting in children with developmental disabilities.

Interested in learning more about Rapid Toilet Training?  Click here to watch a video presentation by Katie Rinald, BCBA, on Autism Community Training's Website.

Whether your child is 2 or 10 years old, whether you’ve been trying to toilet train for years or are just thinking about it, we can help!  Contact us for more information about our toilet training services.