Academic Services for School-Aged Children

  • Is your child struggling at school?
  • Do you feel that with the right approach he or she could really learn to read, write, do math, etc.?
  • Have you decided to develop a home-school program?

If you answered ‘yes’ to some or all of these questions, Blackbird Special Education can help.

We develop and supervise home-based educational programs for students with special needs (including, but not limited to, ASD).

Our individualized full home-schooling programs and subject-specific after-school programs enable school-aged learners to acquire various life-enhancing abilities (e.g., social behaviour, self-help skills) and are rooted in Direct Instruction (DI), a scientifically-proven approach to teaching core academic subjects.

DI programs integrate carefully designed curriculum (what to teach) with effective instructional methods (how to teach) and are ideal for students with special needs in numerous ways….

For instance, DI programs break complex concepts and skills into explicit, manageable units of instruction – students are never overwhelmed with too much content and are never expected to learn a new skill without first fluently learning all necessary prerequisite skills.

DI programs are also ideal for home-schooling because they contain ‘scripted lessons’ that tell teachers exactly what to do and say – this allows teachers to focus on their student’s moment-to-moment needs while delivering academic instruction ‘like an expert’!

DI Programs have been developed to teach all core academic subjects – we focus on subjects for the elementary grades and commonly implement program such as:

  • Reading Mastery (Grades K through 6)
  • Connecting Math Concepts (K through 6)
  • Language for Learning/Thinking/Writing (Preschool through elementary grades)
  • Reasoning & Writing (Grades K through 6)

Please contact us for more information about Direct Instruction and our services for school-aged learners.